The Find and Change functionality allows you to search for items (not only text) in a document, book, or map. You can use the find functionality to search for text, and other Structured authoring.

If you are searching in a document (Edit > Find/Change), FrameMaker begins searching at the inser­tion point and continues through the document. It searches only pages of the type the insertion point is on—for example, only body, master, or reference pages. When FrameMaker reaches the end of the document, it continues the search at the beginning. After searching the main text flow, it searches other text in the document. Because FrameMaker searches flow by flow rather than page by page, it sometimes appears to jump around within the document while searching.

If you are searching throughout a book, FrameMaker begins searching from the active document, or from the first document of the book if the book window is active, and continues searching until all documents in the book have been searched. If a document cannot be opened, the document is skipped and a message appears in the Book Error Log.

note:   When you are searching through a book, bookmap, or DITA map, you cannot search the master or reference pages.

September 30, 2016

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