Insert HTML code

You may want to insert special HTML code into your document (for example, the code that defines a Java applet).

1)Choose View > Reference Pages and display the HTML reference page.

2)In the HTML General Macros table, define a macro whose content is the HTML code.

3)Choose View > Body Pages and place the insertion point where you want to insert the HTML code.

4)Choose Special > Marker and choose HTML Macro as the marker type.

5)Enter the name of the general macro as the marker text and click New Marker.

For example, you could enter the following Java code as a macro definition.

Macro Name

Replace With


<applet code="Bullets.class" width="600" height="6" codebase="classes/bullets/" > <param name="bgColor" value="White"> </applet>

Where you want to insert this applet, you insert a marker whose marker type is HTML Macro and whose marker text is MyCode.

September 30, 2016

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