Equations pod overview

The Equations pod contains the commands to create and change equations. It also contains the symbols, operators, functions, and other math elements you insert in equations. To display the pod, click the Equations button Equation.png at the upper-right in the document window.



A. The Equations pop-up menu appears on every page. B. This part of the pod changes from page to page. C. The names of the pages appear here, with the current page highlighted.

The Equations pod contains nine pages of math elements and commands. To display a page, click its name at the top of the pod.


Greek characters, atomic symbols, diacritical marks, and strings.


Roots, powers, signs, subscripts, superscripts, and logic symbols.


Sums, products, integrals, intersections, and unions.


Parentheses, brackets, curly brackets, and substitution.


Equal, less than, greater than, similar to, subset of, superset of, and proportional to.


Integrals, derivatives, partial derivatives, gradients, and limits.


Matrices and matrix commands.


Trigonometric, hyperbolic, and logarithmic functions; commands for evaluating expressions; and commands for creating and applying rules.


Controls to adjust the position of an expression and the spacing around it, commands to specify alignment, and commands to set and clear manual line breaks.

September 30, 2016

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