Copy, move, and delete text

Pasted text retains its character format properties. If the pasted text contains paragraph symbols Paragrap.png, the paragraph format associated with each paragraph is also pasted. Otherwise, the pasted text takes the paragraph format of the paragraph in which it is pasted.

You copy text more quickly if you bypass the clipboard, which is possible only if the original text and the new location are visible and exist in the same document. You must use the clipboard to copy and paste text from one document to another.

note:   Text pasted into a new document retains the character and paragraph tags that were assigned to it in the original document. If the text has no equivalent tag in the current document, an asterisk appears next to the tag name in the status bar when the cursor is within the pasted text.

1)To copy text without using the clipboard, place the insertion point where you want to insert the copied text, hold down Alt, and select the text you want to copy.

September 30, 2016

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