Control hyphenation

When you add a word to a personal dictionary, FrameMaker suggests hyphenation points. You can change them before adding the word. You can also specify that a word is always or never hyphenated. For example, you can hyphenateheavy duty wherever it appears but never hyphenate your company name.

After making hyphenation changes, rehyphenate the document.

tip:   For strict control over hyphenation (for example, before printing the final draft of a book), consider searching your document for all hyphens that FrameMaker has inserted automatically. Choose Auto­matic Hyphen from the Find pop-up menu in the Find/Change dialog box.

Change word hyphenation

1)Show the hyphenation points of the word.

2)Adjust the hyphenation and click Learn. You can add and delete hyphens as necessary.

Prevent FrameMaker from hyphenating a word

1)Enter the word in the Correction box.

2)Click Show Hyphenation.

3)Remove all hyphens from the word.

4)Insert a hyphen at the beginning of the word.

5)Click Learn.

Rehyphenate an entire document

1)Make the appropriate document window or book window active.

2)Choose Edit > Spelling Checker.

3)Click Dictionaries.

4)Select Rehyphenate Document and click OK. This option works for an open document.

In case of a book file, select Rehyphenate All Files In Book and then click OK.

September 30, 2016

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