Check spelling in different languages

All text in a document is assigned a language. When you spell-check a document, FrameMaker uses the main dictionary of the language assigned to the text. You can change the language used to spell-check text by changing the language assigned to the text. You can also add Unicode (UTF-8)-encoded words to user and personal dictionaries in FrameMaker.

FrameMaker contains dictionaries for all supported languages. However, the default installation contains only one dictionary in a single language.

1)To change the language of text in a document, use the Language property in the Default Font properties of the Paragraph Designer to change the language of one of the following:

A single paragraph, or all the paragraphs in a document.

A range of text within a paragraph, or the language of a text line.

Note the following about Asian-language documents:

In an Asian-language document, some special characters are not displayed in the Spelling Checker as they are in a Western-language document. For example, a backslash is displayed as a yen symbol, and a nonbreaking hyphen is displayed as a blank.

In an Asian-language document that contains Roman text, make sure that you turn off the Straight Quotes option in the Spelling Checker dialog box so that the Spelling Checker does not stop on properly spelled words.

September 30, 2016

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