Change Spelling Checker options

When you spell-check a document, FrameMaker also checks for errors that don’t involve spelling—for example, repeated words, extra or misplaced spaces, or unusual capitalization. You can specify the kinds of typing errors to check.

You can also limit the spell-check so that FrameMaker overlooks certain types of words. For example, perhaps you want to overlook words that contain numbers.

1)Choose Edit > Spelling Checker and click Options.

Alternatively, click Options in the Spelling Checker dialog.



Auto Spell Check

Spell check the words in a document as you type. If a word is misspelt, a red squiggly appears below the word.

note:    Auto spell check is session specific and not document specific. If the same document is opened on a different machine, settings for Auto spell checker might differ.

Find group

In the Find group, specify the types of typing errors you want to find. For example, select Unusual Capitalization if you want to find words with uppercase letters in inappropriate loca­tions (for example, GReen).

Ignore group

Specify the kinds of words you want to overlook. For example, select Words With Digits if you want to ignore words that contain numbers.

note:    The more words FrameMaker overlooks, the greater the possibility that your docu­ment contains mistakes. For example, if you choose to ignore words containing a period, you also skip over a sentence that begins without a space after the preceding period.

Get Defaults

If you change the Spelling Checker options and then want to reset the default options, click Get Defaults. If you exit FrameMaker without resetting the default options, your current settings become the default options.

2)Click Set.

FrameMaker rechecks only paragraphs that have been edited since the prior check. If you change options after spell-checking a document, consider running the Spelling Checker again after instructing FrameMaker to mark all paragraphs for rechecking.

September 30, 2016

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