Add a marker

For example, to add a marker of Comment type:

1)Place the cursor in the document where you want to insert a comment.

2)Choose View > Pods > Markers to display the Markers pod if not already open.

3)Click the Insert icon.

4)Choose Comment from the Marker type box.

5)Type your comment in the Marker Text text box and click New Marker.

6)Save document.

note:   You can enter a tab character in marker text by typing either \t or the hexadecimal code \x08. However, if you generate a list of markers, only tabs entered as hexadecimal codes appear. If you generate an index of markers, only tabs entered as \t appear.

To add a marker to a structured document:

1)Choose Special > Marker.

2)Select a marker element in the Element Catalog and click Insert.

3)Choose a marker type from the pop-up menu. You can use any predefined marker type except Conditional Tags. You can also define your own marker types.

note:   For structured documents, consult your developer before changing a marker type. Your document may have a separate element defined for each marker type you’ll need.

4)If the Attributes for New Element dialog box appears, enter attribute values for the marker element and click Insert Element.

If no marker element is available at the location you want, you might use an invalid element. After inserting the element, talk to your developer about making the element valid at this loca­tion.

September 30, 2016

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