Text and graphics in tables

You format text in a table cell just as you format paragraphs in a regular column of text—for example, with paragraph or character formats.

Each table cell can contain text and anchored frames. (Anchored frames, in turn, can contain graphics or other tables.) As you type text or insert an anchored frame in a cell, the cell height expands as needed.

In addition to typing text in a table, you can also insert cross-references, table footnotes, variables, and markers. The tab character is the only character you have to enter in a special way in a table cell.

You can copy, cut, and paste the contents of cells just as you do text and graphics in any other part of a document. Special system variables let you specify continuation text in the titles or heading rows of multipage tables.

For structured documents, you can type text in the current cell when the <TEXT> indicator appears in the Element Catalog. You can also insert footnotes, cross-references, and other text-related elements in the cell. Use the Element Catalog as a guide.

September 30, 2016

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