Select text or cells in tables


Place the insertion point in a table cell

1)Click in the cell, or click to the left of the cell’s text snippet in the Structure view.

Select the contents of a cell

1)Click in the cell and press Esc t h a, or double-click the cell’s bubble in the Structure view. You can also triple-click a cell’s contents if it contains just one paragraph.

Select a single cell

Control-click the cell.

(Structured documents) Drag across the cell’s boundary and back, or click the cell’s bubble in the Structure view.

Select multiple cells

Drag across all the cells, and then Shift-double-click or Shift-click (structured documents) the last cell in the selection.

To select an entire row, press Esc t h r, or drag across the cells in the row, or click the row’s bubble in the Structure view.

tip:   If you click between table-part elements (such as between two rows) in the Structure view, the insertion point appears in the Structure view but not in the document window. A contiguous selection of cells in the document window doesn’t always appear as contiguous bubbles in the Structure view.

To select an entire column, press Esc t h c, or drag from a heading cell into the first body cell.

To select the entire table, press Esc t h t.

September 30, 2016

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