Insert, move, or remove a table


Insert a table

When you insert a new, empty table, you select a format for the table. Table formats are stored in a catalog, as are paragraph and character formats. You can apply a different format to any paragraph in any cell, and you can modify the format of any paragraph.

1)Click in the line of text to which you want to anchor the table. You can insert a table anywhere except in a footnote.

2)Choose Table > Insert Table.

3)If required, change the number of columns, rows, heading rows, or footer rows.

4)Select a format for the table. If the format you need is not in the list, you can import the format from another document.

5)Choose the table variable type (continuation or sheet) to insert. For more details on table vari­ables, see Add continuation text.

6)Click Insert.

An anchor symbol Anchor.png appears at the insertion point when text symbols are visible. (Deleting the symbol deletes the table.)

note:   In multicolumn page layouts, the table can straddle columns, and its position is sometimes affected by straddle paragraphs.

September 30, 2016

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