Insert a table element (structured documents)

A table is anchored to a specific location in text. As you edit the text, the table moves in the document along with the text. An anchor symbol Anchor.png appears at the table’s anchor location in the document window.

When you insert a table, you specify where to anchor it. For example, you can anchor a table in a Para element (as a child element to the Para) or you can anchor it in a Section element (as a sibling to Para and other elements in the section). It depends on how the elements are defined for your document.

1)Click where you want to insert the table.

2)Select a table element in the Element Catalog, and click Insert.

note:   To add other table-part elements to the table, use the Element Catalog as a guide.

3)If required, change the number of columns, rows, heading rows, or footer rows.

4)To change the table format, select a format in the scroll list. The table element can have a format preselected, but you can change the format and it is not considered a format rule over­ride.

Consult your developer before changing a table format. Your element catalog can have a sepa­rate element defined for each format you’ll need.

5)Choose the table variable type (continuation or sheet) to insert. For more details on table vari­ables, see Add continuation text.

6)Click Insert. FrameMaker inserts an anchor symbol Anchor.png at the insertion point and a table with predefined descendant elements. The Structure view has bubbles for the new elements.

7)If the Attributes for New Element dialog box appears, enter attribute values for the table element and click Insert Element.

tip:   Select cells in the table and then right-click to display a context menu for working with the cells. You can also use the QuickAccess bar as a quick way to apply table commands.

If no table element is available at the location you want, you can use an invalid element. After inserting the table, talk to your developer about making it valid at this location.

September 30, 2016

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