Copy, move, or remove a table

If you copy or move an unstructured table to a structured flow, the table is given a basic structure with default elements named TABLE, HEADING, ROW, and so on. If you copy or move a struc­tured table to an unstructured flow, the table structure may no longer be valid.

1)Control-triple-click a cell to select the entire table or click the table bubble in the Structure view.

2)Do one of the following:

To copy the table, choose Edit > Copy.

To move the table, choose Edit > Cut. If a dialog box appears, click Remove Cells From Table, and click Cut. Then click where you want to move the table, and choose Edit > Paste. See the Element Catalog before pasting to ensure that you paste the table at a valid location.

To remove the table (without changing the contents of the clipboard), press Delete.

tip:   You can also drag a table bubble in the Structure view to move the table, or Alt-drag the bubble to copy the table.

September 30, 2016

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