Display DITA map content

After you have inserted one or more topicref elements in a DITA map, you can choose to view the content of the referenced topics in the Document view. You can also open the referenced DITA topics as separate documents in FrameMaker.

Show or hide the preview of topicref elements content

1)To preview the contents on a single reference element, select the topicref element in the Struc­ture View.

To preview the contents of all reference elements, click anywhere in the topic but ensure that no element is selected. You are prompted to show content for all topicrefs. Also, you can choose to display referenced child maps.

2)To preview the content, choose DITA > Resolve Topicref (s) > Show Content.

3)To hide the preview, choose DITA > Resolve Topicref (s) > Hide Content.

tip:   To show or hide the preview for a single element, you can also right-click the element and choose Resolve Topicref (s) > Show Content or Resolve Topicref (s) > Hide Content.

note:    If a DITA map includes references to child maps, the Show and Hide options in the DITA map will show or hide the topics referenced in the child maps.

In the Document view, FrameMaker displays > to denote that a topic is a top-level topic in the DITA map. >> denotes a topic is a second-level topic and >>> denotes the topic is at level 3 (and beyond) in the DITA map.

Topic levels as denoted by >, >>, and >>>


Open all topics referenced in a DITA map

If a DITA map contains references to one or more topics, you can open all the referenced topics in FrameMaker.

1)Ensure the DITA map is selected.

2)Press the Shift key and choose File > Open All Files in Ditamap.

Alternatively, in the DITA map, choose DITA > Open All Topicrefs.

To close all topic references, press the Shift key and choose File > Close All Files in Ditamap.

note:    To open a single topic, double-click the topic in the DITA map.

September 30, 2016

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