DITA conref dialog

Use the DITA conref dialog to add direct and indirect conrefs to DITA content.

To open the DITA conref dialog:

From the DITA menu, choose Insert Conref.

DITA conref dialog


Use the DITA Conref dialog to:

A (Refer to key):

Check this option to insert a conref using DITA referencing. See Create a DITA link.

B (Edit):

Open the Key Reference dialog. In this dialog, select the key from the Key drop-down list. The keys in the drop-down list are defined in the keyspace assigned to the current topic. For details, see Set the default keyspace. For details on how to create keyspaces, see Create a keyspace.

C (Refer to file):

Check this option to insert a conref using DITA referencing. See Create a conref.

D (DITA topic list):

Select a DITA topic from the list of currently opened topics for direct references.

E (Browse):

Browse for a DITA topic containing the reusable elements.

F (Edit):

Open the source DITA topic in FrameMaker to edit.

G (Element Tag):

Select an element tag to list the elements of that tag in the Element Data list.

H (Element Data):

Select an element to include as a conref in the current topic.

I (Show All):

Show all the elements for the selected element tag. Show all elements of the element type. The Element Data list also displays elements that are not assigned unique identifiers. You can select to create a conref of elements that are not currently assigned a unique ID. In this case, FrameMaker assigns a unique ID to the element in the source topic.

J (Conref End Element):

Select an element as the last element in the range of elements to conref. For details, see Creating a conref to a range of elements.

September 30, 2016

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