Create a DITA topic

1)On the DITA menu, go to New DITA File.

The New DITA File sub-menu displays the types of DITA topics and map types that you can create.

FrameMaker supports the following DITA topic types:


For specific content, use task, concept, reference, glossentry, glossgroup types.

See the specifications on DITA topics.


For task related content such as how-to or procedures.

See the specifications on Task topics.


For content such as “what is?”. It covers conceptual information about a feature or function.

See the specifications on Concept topics.


For reference content. For example, product specifications, API reference, and equipment or part lists.

See the specifications on Reference topics.


For a single glossary term and definition.

See the specifications on Glossary Entry topics.


For a group of glossentry elements.

The glossgroup can also contain other glossgroup elements to create a hierarchical glossary structure.

See the specifications on Glossary Group topics.


A top-level container element that can include the topic types described above.

See the specifications on DITA container.

2)Select a topic type.

3)To view the hierarchical structure of the created topic, choose StructureTools > Structure View.

4)A DITA topic is a structured document. This means that in FrameMaker you work with the DITA topic structure in the same way that you work with the structured documents based on other structured applications.

For details on how to create content in a structured topic, see Structured authoring.

September 30, 2016

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