Create a DITA map

1)Choose DITA > New DITA File > New <map>.

Alternatively, choose File > New > XML. In the New XML dialog, go to the DITA tab and choose map.

2)By default, a DITA map is opened in the Resource Manager.

You can use the Resource Manager to:

Insert topics in the DITA map

Save the DITA map

Switch to the Document view to display the DITA map contents.

3)You can use the available FrameMaker tools, such as the Structure View and Elements pod, to work with a DITA map.

note:    In the Resource Manager view, the StructureTools menu is not available. To open the Structure View, you can either switch to the Document view or choose View > Structure View

4)You can also include relationship tables to a DITA map.

For details, see Relationship tables.

September 30, 2016

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