XML schema

An XML schema defines the legal building blocks of an XML document. Unlike the EDD, DTDs and schema files do not provide formatting information.

XML schemas define the following:

List of elements that can appear in a document

Attributes that can appear in a document for an element

Hierarchy of elements - which elements can appear as child elements

Sequence of child elements

Number of child elements

The data types for elements as well as attributes

Default and fixed values for elements and attributes

XML namespaces allow the same document to contain XML elements and attributes taken from different vocabularies, without naming collisions.

XML namespace


Opening or importing a schema

You can import an XML document that references a schema file, and you can specify a schema file in your structure application to use for validating a document upon export to XML.

To specify a schema file for use in exporting to XML, modify the structapps.fm file. The element schema, a child of the XMLApplication element, specifies the schema file path for export.

September 30, 2016

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