Transform multiple files using Advanced Run

Using the XSLT toolbar, you can run a transformation on multiple files.

1)In the XSLT toolbar, select Advanced Run.



2)In the Advanced Run dialog, select a scope for running the transformation:

a)Current File: Generate output from the XML file open in FrameMaker.

b)Select Include Child Elements if the active document is a book or a map. When this option is selected, the XSLT is applied to the child elements, together with the parent element.

c)All Open Files: Generate output from all the XML files open in FrameMaker using a transformation transformations or XSL.

d)Folder: Generate output from all the XML files in a folder using a transformation or XSL. Select Include Sub-Folders, if necessary.

3)Select a transformation or XSL and click Run.

The output files are launched in the associated application.

September 30, 2016

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