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FrameMaker allows you to paste HTML, MS® Word, MS® Excel, and MS® Outlook content as DITA content. You can also create and configure XSLs for other FrameMaker structured applications. Using XSL, FrameMaker identifies the content while it is in the clipboard and structures it with the most appropriate hierarchy or sequence of elements. Then you can use the smart paste command to paste it to FrameMaker as DITA content.

note:    When you paste text of a specific direction (LTR or RTL) into a FrameMaker document, you need to ensure the text direction of the destination location (document, table, or paragraph) is set to the same direction.

The content you paste is structured according to an XSL specified in the relevant structured appli­cation. In FrameMaker, the XSLs are specified for the following DITA documents:





The XSL filename and path are specified using the Stylesheet element (Stylesheets > XSLTPreferences > SmartPaste > Stylesheet).

The smart paste XSLs for DITA are at: $STRUCTDIR\xml\DITA_1.2\app\technicalContent\xslt\.

The XSL added in the DITA_1.2_topic application for smart paste


Smart paste content in a DITA file

1)Copy HTML, MS® Word, MS® Excel, or MS® Outlook content.

2)Place your cursor in one of the following types of DITA topics: topic, task, concept, or refer­ence.

3)Select Smart Paste from the context menu. (keyboard shortcut for Smart Paste: Esc+s+p+t)

The pasted content is structured in appropriate elements that the structure allows.

Add smart paste XSL for a custom XML application

You can also create an XSL for smart pasting content for your custom structured application.

1)Create an XSL appropriate for your EDD.

2)Open the file.

3)Under Stylesheets > XSLT preferences, add the SmartPaste element and the following elements under it:

a)Stylesheet: Path to the relevant XSL file.

b)StylesheetParameters: This element has two child elements: ParameterName and Param­eterExpression. See a DITA application in for details.

4)Save the file.

5)Select StructuredTools > Read Application Definitions.

Now you can use smart paste for an XML file based on your custom application.

September 30, 2016

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