When you are working on a structured XML document, you can use the FrameMaker Find/Change dialog in the WYSIWYG view.

However, if you are working the XML view, you can search Complex Expressions or XPath queries.

The XML-specific search functionalities (Complex Expression and XPath search); perform the search in the XML content of a document. This implies that if you are searching for content across elements in the XML, you will need to specify the element tags in the search.

For example, the following sample paragraph (p) text contains a word marked as bold.

<p>The quick <b>brown</b> fox.</p>

The WYSIWYG view provides the functionality to search for text as it displays in the FrameMaker window. This implies that the search for The quick brown fox will find the text. However, in the XML view, the same search does not find any results.

In the XML view, you will need to include the <b> (opening) and </b> closing tags in the search.

September 30, 2016

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