Round trip equations and anchored frames

You can roundtrip equations and anchored frames between Structured FrameMaker and XML. When you save a Structured FrameMaker document to XML, FrameMaker creates MIF files for the equations and anchored frames in the document. FrameMaker saves every anchored frame and equation in a different MIF file.

note:    To test this feature, you can use the ReportPlain XML application in the file at: <Fm_install_location>\Structure. This XML application has Equation and Frame elements.

You can change the type of files that are created for storing equations and anchored frames by spec­ifying the following flag in the maker.ini file.

To specify the default vector format for xml, edit maker.ini (user area) file and add flag Defaultvec­torformatforXMLexport flag. For example, the following sets default vector format for xml to CGM.

DefaultvectorformatforXMLexport= CGM

September 30, 2016

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