Getting started with structured applications

In unstructured FrameMaker, setting up an authoring environment requires only a template file. The template file defines the formats and the styles and a style guide defines how to work correctly with the template. In structured FrameMaker, you require more than just a structured template.

To establish a basic structured authoring environment in FrameMaker, you require an EDD or a DTD. You can create custom EDDs and DTDs or use off-the-shelf EDDs and DTDs. Additionally, you need to link the element definitions with formatting information. You can link elements in the EDD to formatting in three ways:

Formatting template

You can assign formatting based on the various tags (paragraph tags, character tags, and so on) in a template. If you already have a formatting template, you can reuse information in that template.

Format change lists

You can create named formatting definitions in the EDD. The format change lists let you provide partial formatting specifications and inherit the rest from a few base paragraph tags. You can reuse format change lists for related elements.

Embedded formatting

You can specify formatting by writing the formatting into each element definition.

After you create the EDD and the formatting, you combine the two components to create a single structured template. To create the structured template, you open the formatting template and import element definitions (File > Import > Element Definitions) from the EDD. The resulting file is your structured template.

Apart from the EDD and the structured template, you also need:

read/write rules

The read/write rules control translation from FrameMaker structure to XML and back. Specif­ically, read/write rules help manage table translation and other complex formatting.

Structured application

The structured application lists all of the component files in your structure implementation and provides configuration information. For example, you can use the structured application to specify whether and how to export conditional text tagging.

September 30, 2016

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