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I set an attribute for an element and then applied a filter that excluded the element based on the attribute. However, the element is still visible:

If you make changes in the content or the filter expression, you will need to apply the filter to the topic. For example, if you apply a filter to the topic and then tag an element with an attri­bute that is included in the filter, the filter is not immediately applied to the updated content. You need to apply the filter to the topic.

I applied a filter to a topic and the structure of the topic is now broken:

You need to take care not to break the structure of the topic. If the filter that you apply to a topic causes a mandatory element to be hidden, the topic structure is broken. FrameMaker does not prevent you from doing this; however, the Structure View will indicate the break in the topic.

Broken structure caused because the dt tag is hidden by the applied filter


What happens if I apply different attributes to child and parent elements in a topic?

If a filter causes a parent element to be hidden then the child elements are hidden, irrespective of the attributes applied to the child elements. However, if a filter causes a parent to be shown and a child to be hidden, the child is hidden.

September 30, 2016

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