Cross-references in XML

Structured FrameMaker allows you to generate and retain external cross-references when saving and opening XML files.

For example, if your FrameMaker file contains a cross-reference to another file, when you save your file in XML, FrameMaker generates tags representing the cross-reference along with information about the referenced file. When opening the same XML file, FrameMaker converts the cross-refer­ence tags and the information they contain into a FrameMaker cross-reference.

FrameMaker supports a new attribute, srcfile, to retain external cross-reference information when generating XML documents.

When you export a file containing an external cross-reference to XML, the srcfile attribute of the cross-reference contains the name of the referenced file and the ID of the referenced element in the file.

note:   FrameMaker converts file paths in the generated XML to URIs.

September 30, 2016

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