Create transformations

note:    Ensure that you switch to the XML View before performing this procedure.

1)Select XSLT > Manage Transformation.



2)In the Manage Transformations dialog:

To use the default transformation file, select Default Transformation File and then click New.

To create a new transformation file, select Transformation File, click New.

note:    If you already have an existing Transformation file, click Browse and select it.

3)Click New.

4)In the New Transformation dialog, specify the following information and click SaveAs to create a Transformation file:

note:    If you selected an existing Transformation file in Step 1 using Browse button, save the new transformation in the selected transformation file.

a)Transformation Name: A name for the transformation setting.

b)Use: Either select an XSL file or choose to use the processing instructions (PI) inside the XML file.

c)Processor: Saxon, Xalan, or any other parser registered with FrameMaker.

d)Output: Settings related to the output file, such as location to save, suffix, and how to open the output file.

September 30, 2016

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