Create a DTD from an EDD

DTDs or Document Type Definitions define the elements that you can include in a structured docu­ment. It defines the elements, their attributes, order of elements and what elements can contain other elements.

1)Open the EDD.

2)Add the StructuredApplication element, then type in the name of the XML application that you created in the previous section.

3)Select StructureTools > Save as DTD.

4)Enter a filename. Ensure that you specify the .dtd extension.

If your EDD is valid, you should not see an error log. However, it is possible to build SGML style General rules in FrameMaker that are not permitted in XML.

5)A message dialog box provides you with information that FrameMaker has finished writing the DTD.

6)Open the DTD. If you have not specified the StructuredApplication in step 2, you can select it from the Use Structured Application dialog box that is displayed.

The DTD is now ready to be used.

September 30, 2016

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