Configuration file editor

Every structured application may include an XML configuration file. The configuration file is optional and contains attributes and their suggested and default values. To call the editor, click Element > Launch Config File Maker... The configuration editor is displayed as follows:

Configuration File Settings


To load an existing configuration file, click Load Configuration File and select the file.

Set the configuration values as desired. Click the value column of the choice or default to be changed and enter the new value.

To insert a new choice, right click the row above which the choice is to be placed, and select Insert Above.

To delete a choice, right click the choice and select Delete.

To save the configuration, click Save.

To save the configuration as a new configuration file, click Save As and enter the new filename.

When opening a structured application, FrameMaker reads the corresponding configuration file (if it exists) and populates the attribute values automatically.

The attribute editor allows you to change these values, when using the structured application.

September 30, 2016

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