Enforces a consistent organization of information

You can create a structured application to ensure that a bulleted list must contain at least two items. Or an image must include a caption.

Automatically validates the organization of information

FrameMaker provides visual cues to indicate when the structure of a document is broken.

Title element removed from DITA Topic


Consistency of content

Imposing structure results in improved consistency of content across multiple documents in a document-set.

Supports content reuse

FrameMaker provides user interface based content reuse functionality such as DITAVAL, Filter By Attribute, relationship tables, to allow users to easily reuse content.

Supports metadata to add information to documents

Besides content such as text and images, you can also associate metadata with a structured document. For example, the author of a document. You can also use attributes to associate metadata with specific elements in a document. The Filter by Attribute feature in FrameMaker allows you to set attribute values and then filter the content in a structured document based on these attributes.

Separating content and formatting

The writers focus on content. Formatting and the appearance of the final output is controlled by the publishing workflow. For example, print output may use a different font from online.

However, FrameMaker supports formatting in structured applications. This implies that the FrameMaker structured authoring environment displays formatted content. This provides visual cues to users regarding the formatting of a document.

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Reduces localization effort

Since structured document separate formatting from content, the use of localization technol­ogies substantially reduce localization effort and cost.

September 30, 2016

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