Finalizing conditional documents

Before you produce a finished version of a conditional document, follow these guidelines:

Change your view of the document to include only the version you want to print, and turn off condition indicators.

If your document contains variables, make sure that the variable definitions are correct for the version you’re printing.

Spell-check the document. This feature finds double spaces and punctuation problems caused by incorrectly tagged with conditional tags.

Update cross-references. If the document contains unresolved cross-references, perhaps they point to cross-reference markers in hidden conditional tags. Show the version and update the cross-references again.

Create a copy of the document for each version before manually adjusting line and page breaks. Use the copy for each version for making the adjustments and for printing. These adjustments differ with each version. Use the original document for future edits.

If the document is part of a book, update the book and its generated files. If the book contains documents with different condition indicators for the same tag, FrameMaker displays an alert message. It also alerts you if some condition tags are displayed in one document but are hidden in another. If this situation occurs, click Cancel to stop book generation. Correct the condi­tional tags settings of your documents.

After generating an index, check it for double question marks (??), which indicate missing or incorrect index markers.

September 30, 2016

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