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I have applied conditional tags to the text, but all of the text is being displayed.

You need to use the Show/Hide Conditional Text pod to specify the text to show or hide. For details, see Show / Hide Conditional Text dialog.

Can I apply two conditional tags to the same sentence.

You can apply any number of tags to text. For details, see Applying multiple conditional tags.

The tables cannot be tagged as conditional text.

You can apply conditional tags to a table or to the rows in a table. For details, see Applying conditional tags to text.

I want to use the same conditional setting across all my books. How can I reuse the settings from one book to another?

You can import conditional tags and expressions from one document into another. For details, see Importing conditional tags and expressions.

Why does nothing happen when I change the state in the conditional text pod?

After you change the state of a tag in the Conditional Tag pod, you need to click Apply to apply the updates to the document text. For details, see Applying conditional tags to text.

How do I avoid unresolved cross-references

Sometimes you insert a cross-reference to a paragraph, and the first word in the paragraph is conditional. The Cross-Ref marker that FrameMaker inserts is also conditional (with the condition tag settings of the first word). The marker is hidden when you hide the conditions of the first word. As a result, the cross-reference is sometimes unresolved if condition tag settings of the cross-reference and of the cross-reference marker differ.

To avoid this situation, select just the Cross-Ref marker at the beginning of the source para­graph, and make it unconditional. Then the marker is always visible. The cross-reference is resolved no matter which version is visible.

September 30, 2016

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