Create packages

You can package a FrameMaker book, Ditamap, .xml, mif, or .fm file with all its related files into a zip file for distribution or backup. When you choose to create a package with a book or Ditamap in focus, FrameMaker automatically picks up the related files, such as chapter files, images, text insets, conrefs, crossrefs, to a .zip file.

The packaged zip file contains:

1)The book\Ditamap

2)Chapter\Topic files

3)Files referenced in the chapters\topic files, such as text insets, conrefs, and images

note:  When packaging structured files, their application setup files, such as DTD,, read-write rules, and templates, are not packaged.

To create a package, place all their topic, chapter, and dependent files in the same folder or its subfolders. Any files outside the folder are treated as missing files and are not copied in the zip file.

1)With a book or Ditamap in focus, select File > Package.

2)In the Package dialog, do the following:

a)Edit the filename and path of the zip file, if required. By default, the name and location of the package zip file is the same as the book or Ditamap file.

b)Click Settings to exclude one or more of the following types of files from the package (zip file): Multimedia, Images, and 3D files, Content References and Cross References, Text Insets, and OLE objects.

c)Select Create Package Even If Files Are Missing to create a package even if chapter, topic, or dependent files are missing. FrameMaker treats the topic, chapter, or dependent files that exist outside the folder (or subfolders) of the book or Ditamap as missing files. To package a book or Ditamap, you need to have all their topic, chapter, and dependent files in the same folder or its subfolders. Select this option to package a book or Ditamap without their chapter\topic or dependent files in the same folder. Otherwise, package fails for such a book or Ditamap.

d)To view the package file after it is created, select Open Containing Folder After Pack­aging. After the package is created, the folder containing the zip file opens in Windows® Explorer.

e)To generate an issue log about the package, select Generate Log File.

f)Click Package.

FrameMaker processes the book file and creates a package. Now you can share the zip file with others or back it up.