Tracked and untracked text edits: Examples

The following table shows examples of types of text edits that FrameMaker tracks or excludes from tracking:

Tracked text edits

Untracked text edits

Adding and deleting text using the keyboard

Adding rows in tables

Adding text between deleted text

Modifying content in cross-references

Cutting, copying, and pasting text

Modifying content in markers

Inserting and deleting anchored frames

Modifying content in equations

Adding, editing, and deleting headers and footers

Adding or deleting text using APIs

Inserting and deleting footnotes

Inserting, modifying, and deleting graphics

Adding, editing, or deleting text within footnotes

Changing formatting

Modifying text using the Find/Change feature

Text within hypertext marker

Correcting spelling errors using the Spelling Checker feature

Adding and removing page breaks

Replacing text using the Thesaurus feature

Converting table to text

Inserting, deleting, and pasting cross-references

Replacing variables

Adding and deleting markers

Replacing cross-references

Importing and deleting file by reference or by copying

Adding and deleting the Conditional Tags marker

Inserting, pasting, and deleting variables

Importing by copying into MIF files

Editing text within a table cell


Inserting, pasting, and deleting tables


Inserting and deleting equations


Inserting Rubi


Changes to text in Rubi


September 30, 2016

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