Send a review PDF through email

Save a FrameMaker document as a review PDF and send it for review through email.

1)Open the document and choose File > Save As Review PDF.

2)Select Send Through Email.

3)In the Save Document dialog box, specify a location and name for the PDF and click Save.

4)Modify the PDF settings if required. For example, specify Start Page and End Page if you want to save a part of the document as PDF (and not the entire document).

note:    Do not deselect the Generate PDF For Review Only option on the Settings page and the Generate Tagged PDF option on the Tags page. By default, these options are selected to ensure that FrameMaker saves the PDF with enough information to import comments reliably into the source document.

5)Click Set.

FrameMaker creates the review PDF, opens the PDF in Acrobat Professional, and prompts you to initiate an email-based review.

6)Click Next to proceed.

7)To invite reviewers, specify the email address of each reviewer. Click Next.

8)A default message for the reviewers is displayed. Modify the invitation if required and click Send Invitation.

9)Specify whether you would like to send the invitation using your default email application (for example, Microsoft Outlook) or web mail (for example, Gmail). Click Continue.

10)Check the outgoing message notification and click OK. If the email application you selected is not configured to send messages, send the invitation manually from the Outbox folder of the application.

September 30, 2016

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