Saving and publishing a document with track text edits

When you save a document after inserting text edits, the suggested edits are retained. When you print the document, FrameMaker prints the text edits as they appear in the document.

When you publish the document as a PDF, the text edits are retained and published to the output. If you publish a FrameMaker document to HTML or RTF, the text edits are accepted, and the docu­ment is published with the edited content. If the Preview mode is turned on, the document is published based on the Preview Final or Preview Original option you selected.

Saving a document with tracked text edits as XML

You can save a document with tracked text edits as XML. You can open the XML document in FrameMaker, enable tracking of text edits, and then edit the document. When you save the FrameMaker document back to XML, the edited information is preserved through the XML roundtrip.

If Conditional Tags roundtripping is disabled, all Track Text Edits information is lost during the XML roundtrip. By default, Conditional Tags roundtripping is enabled for any XML application.

September 30, 2016

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