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About compare documents

Sometimes you receive a revised document with unmarked changes. You can get specific informa­tion on the changes by comparing the new version to an older version. When you compare two versions of a document, FrameMaker creates a composite document and a summary document.

Composite document

The composite document is a conditional document that combines the newer and older versions; it shows the differences side by side. You can specify the condition tag to apply to changed text. You can also specify whether FrameMaker marks changes with change bars.

In the composite document, FrameMaker considers differences to be insertions or deletions. For example, if the contents of a graphic frame have changed, both versions appear in the composite. The older version is marked as deleted; the newer version is marked as inserted. Variables in the composite document use the newer definitions, but they aren’t marked as changed. Only inserted and deleted variables are considered changes.

Summary document

The summary document contains a general summary and a revision list for each type of item being compared. You can create the summary as a hypertext document, with links to the actual pages where the changes occurred. By creating a hypertext summary document, you can quickly display changed pages for reading or editing.

In the summary document (named, differences are considered insertions, dele­tions, or changes. If an item has moved, it’s marked as deleted and inserted. FrameMaker displays the number of the page on which the change occurs in the newer version, the older version, and the composite document. For insertions, the page number given for the older version is the page where the item would be inserted to match the newer version. For deletions, the page number for the newer version is the page where the item would have appeared if it hadn’t been deleted

September 30, 2016

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