Compare two versions of a document

1)Open both versions of the document. If the documents contain conditional tags, all conditions must be visible.

2)In the newer version, choose File > Utilities > Compare Documents.

3)Choose the older version from the pop-up menu, and specify the documents you want FrameMaker to create. All open, named documents, except the current document, are listed in the Older Document pop-up menu.

4)Click Options, do the following, and click Set:

Specify how to display inserted text in the Mark Insertions With area. Select the default condition tag (Inserted) or a different condition tag. You can choose not to mark inserted text.

Specify how to display deleted text in the Mark Deletions With area. Select the default condition tag (Deleted), a different condition tag, or text that you specify. To omit deleted text from the composite document, click Replacement Text and leave the box empty.

To mark all changes (insertions and deletions) with change bars in the composite docu­ment, select Mark Changes With Change Bars. FrameMaker uses the current change bar settings for the document.

tip:   To add change bars to the newer version of a document, select Mark Changes With Change Bars. Choose Replacement Text in the Mark Deletions With area and leave the Replacement box empty.

5)Click Compare. When the comparison is complete, FrameMaker displays the summary and composite documents. If the two versions are the same, neither document is created.

6)To make the summary report a hypertext document, select Create Hypertext Links In Summary. When you click the page number of a change in the summary, FrameMaker displays the page. You can display pages of the newer version, the older version, or the composite docu­ment that contains that change.

September 30, 2016

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