Working with structure

Move the insertion point

Keyboard shortcut

To start of the current element

Esc s Shift+s

To end of the current element

Esc s Shift+e

After the next element

Esc s Shift+d, Alt+Control+Down Arrow

Before the previous element

Esc s Shift+u, Alt+Control+up arrow

Before the current element’s parent

Esc s Shift+b, Alt+Control+left arrow

To start of the next element’s contents

Esc s Shift+n, Alt+Control+right arrow




Keyboard shortcut

Current element

Esc h Shift+e

Next element

Esc h Shift+n, Alt+Control+Shift+Down Arrow

Previous element

Esc h Shift+p, Alt+Control+Shift+up arrow

Siblings of the current element

Esc h Shift+s

Parent of the current element

Esc h e Shift+p, Alt+Control+Shift+left arrow

Up by one element

Alt+Control+Shift+up arrow

Down by one element

Alt+Control+ Down Arrow



Structure view

Keyboard shortcut

Expand/Collapse all elements under the selected element

Esc E r

Expand/Collapse selected element

Esc E x

Expand / Collapse all sibling elements

Esc E X


Keyboard shortcut

To include the parent

Alt+Control+Shift+left arrow

Insert element

Esc Shift+e i, Control+1 (one)

Wrap element

Esc Shift+e w, Control+2

Unwrap element

Esc Shift+e u

Change element

Esc Shift+e c, Control+3

Merge into first element

Esc Shift+e m

Merge into last element

Esc Shift+e Shift+m

Move element up one level

Esc Shift+e Shift+p

Move element down one level

Esc Shift+e Shift+d

Transpose element with previous element

Esc Shift+e Shift+t

Transpose element with next element

Esc Shift+e t

Split element

Esc Shift+e s

Edit attribute value


Repeat last Element Catalog command

Esc e e

Toggle display of element boundaries (as brackets)

Esc v Shift+e

Toggle display of element boundaries (as tags)

Esc v Shift+t

Validate a document

Esc Shift+e v

Display Structure View

Esc Shift+e Shift+v

September 30, 2016

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