Insertion point movement

Use these shortcuts to move the insertion point.

To move to

Keyboard shortcut

Next character

Right arrow

Previous character

left arrow

Beginning of a word

Control+left arrow

End of a word

Control+right arrow

Beginning of the next word

Esc b w

Beginning of a line


End of a line


Previous line

up arrow

Next line

Down Arrow

Beginning of a sentence


End of a sentence


Beginning of the next sentence

Esc b s

Beginning of a paragraph

Control+up arrow

End of the current paragraph

Control+Down Arrow

Beginning of the next paragraph

Esc b p

Top of a column

Control+Page Up

Bottom of a column

Control+Page Down

Beginning of a flow

Alt+Shift+Page Up

End of a flow

Alt+Shift+Page Down

Start of first visible text flow


Insertion point placement

Use these shortcuts to put the insertion point in an unrotated text frame on the current page. The draw order is the order in which FrameMaker displays objects on a page; the first object in the draw order is the one at the back.

To put the insertion point in the

Keyboard shortcut

First column of the first text frame in the draw order

Esc b f

Next column, traversing text frames in the draw order

Esc b n

Text selection

Click in text before using these shortcuts. If you use a shortcut with text already selected, FrameMaker extends the selection.

To select

Keyboard shortcut

Next character

Esc h c, Esc Shift+h c,Shift+right arrow

Previous character

Esc Shift+h Shift+c, Shift+left arrow

Current word, then next word

Esc h w, Esc Shift+h w, Control+Shift+right arrow

Current word, then previous word

Esc Shift+h Shift+w, Control+Shift+left arrow

Current sentence, then next sentence

Esc h s, Esc Shift+h s, Control+Shift+End

Current sentence, then previous sentence

Esc Shift+h Shift+s, Control+Shift+Home

Current line, then next line

Esc Shift+h l (lowercase L) Esc h l (lowercase L)

Current line, then previous line

Esc Shift+h Shift+l (L)

Current paragraph, then next paragraph

Esc h p, Esc Shift+h p, Control+Shift+Down Arrow

Current paragraph, then previous paragraph

Esc Shift+h Shift+p, Control+Shift+up arrow

One line width of text, starting at insertion point

Esc h d, Shift+Down Arrow

One line width of text, ending at insertion point

Esc h u, Shift+up arrow

To top of a column

Esc h t, Shift+Page Up

To bottom of a column

Esc h m, Shift+Page Down

To beginning of flow

Esc h g, Control+Shift+Page Up

To end of flow

Esc h n, Control+Shift+Page Down

All text around the insertion point that has the same character format

Esc h +Shift+f



To Shift the selection

Keyboard shortcut

Right one character

Esc h f

Left one character

Esc h b

To select

Keyboard shortcut

Extend or shorten a text selection

Press and click where you want the selection to begin or end

Remove highlighting

Esc h zero

Select a word

Double-click the word

Select a word, then next words

Double-click the word and then drag

Deselect a text frame or text line and place the insertion point in it

Double-click in the text frame or text line

Text editing


Keyboard shortcut

Select a paragraph

Triple-click the paragraph

Select a paragraph, then next paragraphs

Triple-click the paragraph and then drag

Transpose characters



Esc e x, Control+x, Shift+Delete


Esc e c, Control+c

Paste text that you cut or copied

Esc e p, Control+v, Control+y

Quick-copy text

Click where you want to place the copied text. Then press Alt and drag through the text you want to copy.

Asian text


Keyboard shortcut

Type rubi text

Esc s r

Display the Rubi Properties dialog box

Esc o r

Define a combined font of Western and Japanese characters

Esc o c o

Text deletion

To delete

Keyboard shortcut

Previous character


Backward to the end of the previous word


Backward to the end of the previous sentence

Esc k a

Next character


Forward to the end of a word

Esc k f, Control+Delete

Forward to the end of a line


Forward to the start of the next sentence

Esc k s


Use these shortcuts to change the capitalization of selected text.


Keyboard shortcut

Change the current word to all lowercase

Control+Alt+l (lowercase L), Control+Alt+Shift+L

Change the current word to all uppercase

Control+Alt+u, Control+Alt+Shift+u

Change the current word to initial caps


Display the Capitalization dialog box

Esc e Shift+c

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