Navigating through documents

To go to

Keyboard shortcut

Last viewed and open document


Previous page

Esc p p, Pg Up

Next page

Esc p n, Pg Dn

First page

Esc p f, Alt+Pg Up, Shift, and click the Previous Page button

Last page

Esc p l (lowercase L), Alt+Pg Dn, Shift, and click the Next Page button

Go To Page dialog box

Esc v p, Control+g

Source of a cross-reference

Press Alt+Control and click an active area

A specific page

Press Control+g or click the Page Status area and then type the page number

Page containing the insertion point

Press Control+g or click the Page Status area and then click Page Containing the Insertion Point

Start of a word

Control+left arrow

End of a word

Control+right arrow

Start of the next word

Esc b w

Start of a sentence


End of a sentence


Start of a paragraph

Control+up arrow

End of the current paragraph

Control+Down Arrow

Start of the next paragraph

Esc b p

Top of a column

Control+Pg Up

Bottom of a column

Control+Pg Dn

Start of a flow

Alt+ Shift+Pg Up

End of a flow

Alt+ Shift+Pg Dn

Start of a line

Control+Pg Up

End of a line

Control+Pg Dn

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