Editing text



Keyboard shortcut


Esc e x, Shift+Delete, Control+x


Esc e c, Control+c


Esc e p, Control+y, Control+v


Esc e u, Control+ Shift+z, Control+ z

Quick-copy text

Click where you want to put the copied text and then press Alt and drag through the text

Transpose characters

Click between characters and then press Control+F9

Make selected text lowercase

Alt+Control+l (lowercase L)

Make selected text uppercase


Make selected text initial caps


Select a word

Double-click it

Select a word, then next words

Double-click it and drag, double-click it and Shift -click

Select current sentence, then next

Press Esc h s, press Control+ Shift+End

Select current sentence, then previous

Press Esc Shift+h Shift+s, press Control+ Shift+Home

Select a paragraph

Triple-click it

Select a paragraph, then next paragraphs

Triple-click it and drag, triple-click it and Shift -click

Delete previous character


Delete backward to start of the previous word

Esc k b

Delete backward to end of the previous sentence

Esc k a

Delete next character


Delete forward to end of a word

Esc k f, Control+Delete

Delete forward to end of a line


Delete forward to start of the next sentence

Esc k s

September 30, 2016

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