View, create, and delete reference pages


Display reference pages

1)Choose View > Reference Pages. The name of the current reference page appears in the Page Status area of the status bar.

Page Status area


If the document doesn’t contain any reference pages, the Add Reference Page dialog box appears. Create the first reference page by entering a page name and clicking Add.

View other reference pages when a reference page is visible

Click the Next Page P_NextPage_16x13_N.png or Previous Page P_PreviousPage_16x13_N.png button.

Press the Page Up or Page Down key.

Use the scroll bar.

Create a reference page

1)Display reference pages and choose Special > Add Reference Page.

2)Enter a name for the reference page and click Add.

Return to body pages

1)Choose View > Body Pages. The most recently displayed body page appears.

Rename or delete a reference page

You can rename a reference page—for example, to avoid overwriting the reference page when you import reference pages from a template that contains a reference page with the same name.

If you delete a reference page that contains a graphic used in a paragraph format, the graphic no longer appears in paragraphs using that format. When this happens, the Frame Above or the Frame Below pop-up menu in the Advanced properties ParaDesAdvanced.png of the Paragraph Designer is set to As Is for the paragraphs.

1)Display the reference page and do one of the following:

To rename the page, click the page name in the status bar, and type the new name. Click Set.

To delete the page, choose Special > Delete Page.

September 30, 2016

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