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FrameMaker offers enhanced features to manage and apply paragraph, character, and table formats. This is possible from the respective catalog. A catalog shows all formats in the current document by default. You can set which formats you want to see in the catalog. Catalogs also help in applying and managing the formats.

FrameMaker marks the used formats in a catalog. The unused formats are unmarked. This usage information is not updated as soon as you apply the formats in the document. Clicking Refresh Catalog at the bottom of the catalog, updates the usage information. The latest usage information is also updated when opening a document.

note:    Formats in use in the current document are marked in the catalog. Whereas the format applied to your current selection is shown in the status bar.

Display formats

You can configure the formats that are visible in a catalog and their order too.

Open a (paragraph, character, or table) catalog and click Options.

Select one of the following

Show All, to see all available formats.

Show used before unused, to see used formats before unused formats in the catalog.

Show only used formats, to hide unused formats in the catalog, but retain them in the template.

Show only unused formats, to hide used formats in the catalog, but retain them in the template.

Delete all unused formats, to delete all unused formats from the template, without warning or confirmation.

Customized List, to customize which formats you see and in what order you see them.

Format being used in the current document are marked in the catalog. While editing the docu­ment, the usage status might not get updated automatically. To refresh the list click Refresh Catalog.

note:    The display options you set are workspace properties and are applicable to FrameMaker docu­ments opened on your machine.

Delete formats

Formats can be deleted from respective catalogs.

Open the catalog if not already open.

Paragraph catalog from Format > Paragraphs > Catalog.

Character catalog from Format > Characters > Catalog.

Table catalog from Table > Format > Catalog.

Click Delete.

In the Delete Formats from Catalog window, select a format and delete it.

Click Done to delete formats from document or click Cancel to undo the operation.

September 30, 2016

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