Embed objects


Embed text and graphics with OLE

You can use OLE to embed text or graphics in a FrameMaker document. Embedded material retains its association with the application that created it (but does not retain a dynamic link to its source document). This lets you double-click an embedded object to open the object in the application that created it. Be sure to use an application that supports OLE as a server to create the object you want to embed.

You can also embed multimedia objects such as video or movie files (.avi or .mov files) and sound files (.wav files).

note:  If you specify an HTTP filename when importing a file as an embedded object, you get an error indicating that the file does not exist. It is recommended that you save the file to your computer before importing it as an object.

Embed only part of a file with OLE

1)In its own application, open the file and copy the part you want to embed.

2)In FrameMaker, click where you want to embed the text or graphics, and choose Edit > Paste Special.

3)Click Paste, select a format for the object (look for a format that starts with “embedded”), and then click OK.

Embed an entire file with OLE

1)Click where you want to embed the text or graphics and choose File > Import > Object. You can then embed a new, empty file, or specify an existing one.

Embed by dragging with OLE

1)Do one of the following from an application that supports drag-and-drop features:

To move text or graphics into a FrameMaker document, drag the object.

To make a copy of an object instead of moving it, Control-drag the object.

To choose between moving or copying when you release the mouse button, right-drag the object.