Create anchored frames

An anchored frame is created automatically when you paste or import a graphic at an insertion point. You can keep the properties assigned to the frame, or you can change them.

When you create an anchored frame using the Special > Anchored Frame command, you specify the location of the frame and its size and position. You can also specify other properties that depend on the frame’s position. For example, when the frame is placed in the line at the insertion point, you can specify its distance from the baseline of the text. When the frame is placed in a column of text, you can specify its alignment. You can change any of the properties, including the frame’s position, at any time.

When you create an anchored frame, you can use Object Properties to set unique tags to your anchor. These tags simply create a structure for the layout of your document. You can uniquely define an element for your frame that maps to tags in PDF format.

When you tag your document, you name each document property. Using tags allows you to easily change the appearance of your document without changing the content.

Create an anchored frame automatically

1)Do one of the following:

Paste an object into text at the insertion point by cutting or copying the object, clicking in text where you want to insert the anchor symbol, and choosing Edit > Paste.

Import a graphic into text by clicking in text, choosing File > Import > File, and selecting the graphic file you want to import. You can also import a graphic in other ways, depending on the platform. (See Import and link methods.)

The pasted or imported object appears in an anchored frame that is centered below the current line. After the frame is created, you can change its properties.

Create an anchored frame with specific options

1)Click in text where you want to place the anchor symbol and choose Special > Anchored Frame. You can create an anchored frame in a text frame or in a table cell, but not in a text line.

2)Choose the frame’s anchoring position and specify its properties. The properties that appear in the Anchored Frame dialog box depend on the anchoring position.

3)Click New Frame. An anchor symbol Anchor00026.png appears at the insertion point when text symbols are visible.