Using RoboScreenCapture

RoboScreenCapture is a screen capture tool that can be used for capturing and editing images. You can use these images in your help systems like online tutorials, manuals, training handouts, presen­tations, marketing materials, and web pages.

Integration of FrameMaker with RoboScreenCapture helps you do the following:

Open RoboScreenCapture from FrameMaker.

Insert images created in RoboScreenCapture into FrameMaker.

Edit images imported by reference into FrameMaker using RoboScreenCapture. You can use the right-click option Edit with RoboScreenCapture for an image to launch and edit the image in RoboScreenCapture.

Changes made to the image are reflected in FrameMaker after the image is saved and closed in Robo­ScreenCapture.

note:    This option is available only for image formats supported by RoboScreenCapture.

You can use RoboScreenCapture to perform the following tasks:

Capture screens in 10 modes, including Adobe FreeHand, Virtual Screen, and Multi-Region

Capture screens using a drop-down menu, assign your own keyboard shortcuts, and even control RoboScreenCapture with voice commands

Capture difficult-to-grab screens such as DirectX, Direct3D, 3Dfx, Voodoo, and Glide mode games

Capture more than is visible on the screen, such as long Web pages

Edit images

Save your screen capture in over 20 image formats

Automatically save screen captures to image files

Quickly add image stamps, frames, drop shadows, and more

Change image colors, flip or rotate images, and crop images to a smaller size

Add identifying stamps to each screen capture, such as a company name or logo

Call-out specific areas of your capture with shapes, shadow effects, and more.

September 30, 2016

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