Object styles

You can save your frequently used object properties as a style. You can apply these object styles to various objects, such as images, anchored frames, and text frames for consistent size and appearance. For example, you can create and apply an object style to all the anchored frames in a document, or across documents, to make them of the same size.

Object styles include the following properties:

Position and size (width, height, top, left, and angle)

Fill (fill pattern, tint, and color)

Stroke (line and arrow style, line width, pen pattern)

Text line (alignment)

Text frame (flow properties and column properties)

Anchored frame (anchoring position and related properties)

Graphics (scaling and resolution)

Equation (alignment, size, and automatic line breaks)

Runaround type and width

Object styles are relevant for the following objects in FrameMaker:


Anchored frame

Graphic objects

Text frame

Text line


September 30, 2016

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