Link to a text or graphic object with OLE

When you link to an OLE text or graphic object in a document, FrameMaker not only maintains information about the application that created the object but also keeps a dynamic association with the source document. If the source material changes, its representation in the FrameMaker docu­ment is updated as well. Be sure to use an application that supports OLE as a server to create the object you want to link to.

You edit linked text or graphics by editing the original source document.

Link to part of a file

1)In its own application, open the file and copy the part you want to link to.

2)In FrameMaker, click where you want to place the linked text or graphics, and choose Edit > Paste Special.

3)Click Paste Link, select a format for the object (look for a format that starts with “linked”), and then click OK.

Link to an entire file

1)Click where you want to place the linked file and choose File > Import > Object. Click Create from File and then select Link.

2)Specify the file you want to link to and click OK.

September 30, 2016

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