Insert a link to a 3D object

1)Insert a 3D object in your document.

2)Type text for creating the link.

3)Select Graphics > Create link to graphic.

4)In the Create Multimedia Link dialog, specify the following:

a)Select Object Type: Select U3D.

b)Select an Object: Select the name of the object for which you want to insert the links. If there is only one object of the selected object type, FrameMaker selects the object name automatically.

c)Hypertext Element Tag: If you are working in structured FrameMaker, specify the element tag for the hypertext for the links.

d)Link Type: For U3D, you can select JavaScriptâ„¢, View, Parts, or Animation. If you select JavaScriptâ„¢, in the Details field add the JavaScriptâ„¢ code that you want to execute on the click of hypertext. Otherwise, Details displays the options relevant to the selected link type. Select one of the options.

5)Select Insert.

September 30, 2016

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