A hotspot is an active area in a document that you can link to different areas of the document, to another document, or to a URL. You can apply hotspots to the following objects:

1)Graphic objects


3)Anchored frame

4)Graphics frame

5)Text frame

6)Text line


FrameMaker supports the following shapes for hotspots:




4)Freehand curve


6)Rounded rectangle



You can create hotspots in graphic objects and link them to textual objects in the same or other docu­ments. You can superimpose an invisible hotspot over an image to link to any relevant text or detail in the document.

With hotspots, you can add multiple links in different parts of a graphic without having to divide the graphic into separate parts. For example, in a world map, you can create hotspots in each of the countries linking to more information about that country within a document, in other documents, or at a web address.

Hotspots in a graphic

Hotspots are supported everywhere in the FrameMaker documents, including the master pages. A use case for hotspots on master page is a clickable logo for every page of the document that takes the user to a URL.

Hotspots look like other graphic objects. In edit mode, you can select the hotspots and edit the hotspot properties. In view mode, when you hover the mouse over the hotspot, the cursor changes to indicate active, clickable area.

You can link a hotspot in one document to another. PDFs support only rectangular hotspots. Hotspots of any other shape are converted to rectangular hotspots when you create the PDFs. Other outputs, such as HTML support hotspots of other shapes such as oval. If you want to scale, rotate, and translate hotspots with the anchor frame, group the hotspots with the anchor frame. While saving XML, FrameMaker saves the graphic containing the hotspots in a MIF file. While opening the XML file again, FrameMaker brings back the hotspot information into the FrameMaker file from the MIF file. Some other output types that support hotspots are: HTML, WebHelp, FlashHelp, Airhelp, and Multiscreen output.

The hotspot pod displays the available hotspots in a document or all open documents. Using the hotspots pod, you can edit/delete/delink the existing hotspots.

September 30, 2016

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